#1,308 Practice Makes Good Enough.

The only thing I can tell y’all about today is that it was incredibly lazy. We slept very late and then Ben made crepes for me and Jesse.

I got out my guitar to start practicing. I’m going to be playing a few songs at 3rd Thursday.

I played until I made blisters on my fingertips. They hardened in about the 9th grade and I’ve kept those callouses ever since, though they’re not nearly as tough as they used to be.

We did absolutely nothing productive around the house. We then went swimming at Mickey’s, where I read a new book called Maine, and Ben worked on dunking:

while Mickey wore his cut offs and made hand battered shrimp and fries in his poolside kitchen:

Julie showed up soon after with homemade croissants straight out of The Bake Shop oven. I didn’t take a picture because I ate it too fast.

And since mama’s out of town on a girls’ beach trip, we went and hung out with daddy and grilled hot dogs. ‘Gourmet’ hot dogs, because we even had chopped onions.

Hooper got caught moving in the panoramic shot and looks like some mutant creature on the floor.

Hope you like em charred!