#1,307 Shampoo.

This might be the epitome of first-world problems and unmerited excitement in my blog.

My favorite shampoo was discontinued most everywhere a few years ago. It smelled like gummy bears and sunshine and magic. It made my hair smell like that and it reminds me of being 16. And I can never find it anywhere these days, which is a little sad.

And then tonight we were in Target. And like a beacon in the night, I spotted that wholesale sized jug of volume and shine and without concern for need or price, I grabbed it. Moisture Maniac, I’ve missed you so much.

But then, it gets better. There was another shampoo I only used in the wintertime, during soccer season. My hair was very long then, and only one shampoo could stop it from drying out in the cold months and make it smell like cinammon waffles and honey for the entire day.

Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey. The bomb.com. Ben grabbed that for his beard. An excellent choice.
If y’all ever stumble upon these shampoos in your own salon or Target, buy them. You’ll be glad for it.
Also, for anyone that’s interested, I’m in love with this Garnier face wash. Tom’s wife, Allison, was using it over the holidays at our in-laws’ house and I tried it a while back. Now I don’t like to use anything else. The smell is incredible!
I’m a little hung up on good smells. It’s kind of a problem.