#1,318 Dave Matthews Band.

Well I can scratch this off my bucket list. I wouldn’t dare try to claim that I’m one of the biggest DMB fans in the world, because those are some seriously hard core and deserving fans. I do love their music though, and so many DMB songs have been part of the soundtrack to my life and Ben’s too. I know it’s one of those things that if you never get to see them live, you’ve really missed out on something as a fan. And so we did. And this is going to sound like an ad for my awesome camera.

But before that, we spent the day swimming and taking daddy’s boat, the ole ProSport, out for a late lunch.

Some of my pictures got deleted accidentally and the one of Jim driving the boat went with em. Sorry, Jimbo.
And then! AND THEN! We got ready, had some Lillian’s, and headed to the show to meet up with some of our favorite youth and parents ever, Heather, Brock, and Ethan Zadrozny and Misty. We waited in the longest line on earth to get into the amphitheater. 
And after waiting in another long line to get a t-shirt:
We found our seats! Please observe our distance from the stage because this will be important when you see the photos I got thanks to my Canon Powershot SX230 HS with 56x zoom and high definition video recording capabilities! *wink*

Ethan! We’ve missed him so much since they moved to North Carolina!

And here we go!

And he was playing SO many great songs! It was incredible! After some dancing:

These two met at the concert and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They might have been a little bit intoxicated. Maybe.

For the encore, we went down to the pit where Jim and Brock were for the entire show and I got the most incredible video of them playing Grey Street by a fan in the pit ever. I’m sure of it. I couldn’t stop smiling and it took all my willpower not to dance and cry and jump and all that sort of thing, but I stayed still as a stone to record it for posterity.

And here’s the video!

This was the setlist from beginning to end:
Broken Things 
Louisiana Bayou 
Kill the Preacher 
Don’t Drink the Water 
When the World Ends 
Crazy Easy 
Tripping Billies 
(Don’t Fear) The Reaper 
The Space Between 
Belly Belly Nice 
Jimi Thing 
Pantala Naga Pampa 

Some Devil 
You Might Die Trying 
Grey Street

And afterward we stopped by the gathering to meet Boyd Tinsley, but it was 1 am and we had an 8 months pregnant girl driving us around, so we called it a night and went on back to Portside.
So it was the most perfect Dave Matthews concert experience we could’ve hoped for. Tomorrow we’re driving on to Wakulla Springs, Florida for one night, then to Senoia, Georgia (this is where they filmed The Walking Dead!) for a night before we see Ben Folds Five (!!!!), Barenaked Ladies (!!!!!) and Guster (!!!!) in Atlanta. Say a prayer for safe travels, friends!