#1,317 Water Water Everywhere.

The morning started dark and rainy here on the beach. And so we did the only sensible thing.

We went to the outlet mall. And I got some awesome bargains. Including a dress from a clothing store that is for teenagers. And I have no shame in it, because this dress was in the window and it was on sale and it was the only thing in there that a grown woman could wear. And I held my head high, walked in,  tried it on and then bought it. So there.

Before long the rain drizzled and finally fizzled and the sun chased away the clouds. And we went for a swim.

The best kind of swim, like in childhood. We would dive headfirst into the waves and try to swim with them into the shore, and Ben would carry me past where the waves break and he would lift me out of them when my feet couldn’t touch. Tiny fish bumped into my knees and surprised me every time.

Afterward my skin had the incredible feeling of summer, itchy with salt and sand, cool and tan.

Jim and Mallorie arrived before long since we’re going to the Dave Matthews concert tomorrow night. After lying by the pool while Ben and Jim threw the football:

We showered for dinner at Fisher’s on the marina, away from the crowds and long waits at all the super popular tourist restaurants.

We even found our friend Micah’s work hanging at the hostess counter.

Fisher’s is wonderful because there are no walls, just open garage doors with the marina all around, cool air, breezy white linen curtains and linen and wicker sofas and lounge chairs for hanging out, and really good food. It feels really refreshing, bright, airy, bubbly and comfortable. Like if Sprite were a restaurant. Or like a cold shower on a hot day. If you can understand what I mean by that.

Goodnight, friends. This time tomorrow I’ll have a post about my first Dave Matthews concert.