#1,335 The Missourians.

Every August we all go to Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bobby’s house for a big family lunch because Steve and the kids come home to Mississippi once a year. Except this time, only Emily came with him. Because Seth has gone off to college. And I remember when he was born! I feel old. I missed him today. The good news is we did get to meet my cousin Kelsa’s boyfriend, Derek, and everyone just loved him. Any guy that can get a kick out of the squawk decibel of the women in our family is good in my book.

Kelsa (my cousin and maid of honor in our wedding), Isaac and Derek. Can’t believe how big Isaac is getting!

Mama, my cousin Steve and his daughter, Emily:

Aunt Linda (who isn’t my aunt) and Aunt Beck, not gossiping:
Can we all just admire my little cousin Emily’s incredible mermaid hair for a moment?