#1,341 Tough Friday.

There’s wasn’t any one big great thing per se, but I’m impressed with how much I was able to get done in one day. A Friday, no less!

1. After house shopping with Kelsa around Laurel…

2. Ben and I had a lunch meeting about Laurel Main Street stuff with Judi.

3. Then I went to work, where I busted out 2 proofs, answered 30 emails, and shipped one order to a darling bride who (just so happens) to work for Preston Bailey.

4. Went to see some of our girls in their soccer match.

5. Had our last Friday night date night with Jim and Mallorie as non-parents at the Opry House.

6. Where I ate the greatest hand breaded chicken tenders I’ve ever tasted. In my life.

Time for one episode of The Sopranos and then we can put a cherry on top. Hope you readers have a fun weekend ahead of you!