#1,342 Brushing + State of the Union.

This morning the Fatties got a real serious brushing. It seems like no matter how much we brush Baker he just can’t seem to shed all of his winter coat.


“Why don’t y’all let them stay inside?”

And over a long long long lunch on the porch, Ben and I talked at length about our plan for the next few years. Business plans. Family plans. Investment plans. We talked about some really exciting business ideas. I think every marriage needs a State of the Union discussion at least once a year. It’s amazing the things you learn when you talk candidly about the things you’ve been thinking little by little over time once and for all. You might have the flutterings of an idea every day about something, but it doesn’t feel worth mentioning. When you have this big talk, it all finally comes together, the things that weren’t a complete thought suddenly can become a plan.

Y’all seriously… do this with your spouse. You’ll so enjoy it.

And in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last month:

I saw it a while back, but rewatched tonight and got tickled all over again.