#1,346 Girl Time.

I teach the junior high class on Wednesday nights. And for the first time ever I finally have several GIRLS in my class! Not just any girls though. We’re clearly all soul sisters. I just have a feeling that the older they get, the closer we’ll become. I can see so much of myself in each of them in one way or another. I know right where they are right now, and how badly other girls can hurt you at that age. Tonight we all had this huge discussion about the mean girls thing, how each of them have been bullied by other girls. And why, I can’t possibly imagine. We’re planning a junior/senior high girls’ retreat for next month and I’m really excited. So far, we’ve thought about going to a movie, then having dinner to talk about it, then maybe doing something else? I would really love your ideas if you’ve ever done an all-day girls’ thing.

Alex (guitarist!), Mary Brett (bookworm!), me and Sophie (traveler!). These are 3 incredibly cool girls.

They hung around after church since it was storming outside. And there was a push-up tournament. Youth ministry in action:

Pretty sure Mary Brett and I are gonna get matching ‘best friends’ dinosaur necklaces.