#1,347 Stake Out.

It’s real now. We’re really going to build a new shop in the backyard. I never thought I’d see the day.

This afternoon we measured and staked out the perimeter of the slab we’re planning to have poured soon.

Baker laid against my legs and pawed at the stakes as I was helping Ben. I like him.

In the interest of not living in a construction zone and destroying the yard too much, we’re planning to build it in phases.

1. Pour a slab. We can use it to park there when the carport and driveway and grandmother’s garage are full. It’ll be real nice.

2. Put a roof on it. Then it’ll be a carport for a little while.

3. Put walls on it, and the craftsman-style shop will be complete and we will then tear down our existing little workshop if it hasn’t already caved in by then. We’re planning to do something like this except in the same colors as our house (Blonde by Sherwin Williams for anyone who is looking for the a good bungalowish muted shade of yellow):

In bigger news, tomorrow is going to be Lucy’s birthday! I’ll be reporting on the first Rasberry baby born in 28 years. I’m planning to be posted up at the hospital all day long. I might be too excited to sleep! I’ve got our guest rooms all set in case Mallorie’s family needs to stay here. It’s finally finished (except for curtains):