#1,348 Lucille James Rasberry.

When Mallorie and Jim told us they were going to have a baby, it was almost impossible for me to imagine what today would be like. We’ve all been anticipating it every day since, and now Lucy is a real person. A quiet and alert girl with the most beautiful newborn face I’ve ever seen.

This is what today was like.


And as soon as we could get over to the hospital, we were there waiting. Watching people pass by the waiting room windows, watching cable TV shows, texting people any news. And there was hardly any news at all throughout the day.

We all took turns going to the back checking on Mallorie, chit chatting. They gave her the Pitocin around 5 am, and she felt a little pain for a few hours but after she got an epidural she felt amazing. She was so brave and relaxed and upbeat. My hero!

Around 6:00 pm, Jim rushed into the waiting room to tell us it was time. That Lucy would be here within minutes. We were all so excited it felt like we were waiting on the winning shot of a world championship basketball game.

We anxiously sat through an entire episode of Family Feud. It was agony.

And finally, around 7:15 pm… He came back for us.

Lucy was born at 6:46 pm. She weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz., and was 20 inches long.

Strangely, those were my exact same measurements at birth. What are the odds?

I know Mal was starving and so we ran out to get her whatever meal her heart desired as soon as we could. She requested a BLT with tater tots from Phillips Drive In And so that’s exactly what we got her.

They took her to the nursery, and we all went right behind her.

Lucy began to wail. She turned so red! And they held her up to the window so we could see her. When Jim came to the glass, she stopped and watched him. He talked to her, though she couldn’t hear him. Her daddy. I can’t believe I’m typing that.

And the thing I’m thinking about right this moment is that this girl’s life began the night I introduced my roommate to my cousin at my senior art thesis exhibit on November 15, 2007.

Mallorie, Jennifer, me, and Rebecca. My dearest friends at Ole Miss.

You never know how the smallest event will change the course of a life and even less often, create a brand new one.

Our family is blessed by knowing you already, Lucy.