#1,349 Family Hangs.

Law it’s been a loooooong day full of this and that, but the main and best thing about today was that I spent every minute of it with my family.

I spent my morning getting to know little Lucy.

And before long, mine and Jim’s sweet Mammaw came by to meet her, too. She is 90 years old and this is her very first great grandchild. Isn’t that crazy?

So my mama’s been out of the country for 6 days now on a tennis girls’ trip to St. Maarten. And daddy has been absolutely despondent about her being gone. Which is shocking. This is a man who would prefer life without air conditioning or 10 miles out on a boat in the ocean. He says, “It’s just awful without your mama here. There’s no one to talk to. I’ve been eating tomato sandwiches every night. She’s never been away this long before.” 

So we forced him to go to Clark’s tonight for dinner and we had a really good time. Clark and Amanda are such great cooks. I had the most delicious (and rich) macaroni and cheese I’ve ever tasted in my life. It had cream cheese, sharp cheddar and tiny green peppers in it. Oh man.

Oh daddy. You’re sweeter than I thought.