#1,362 Easy Foods.

I’ve come to realize that some of my most favorite foods are those that require no teeth. That’s good news for me, considering yesterday’s events.

Today for lunch I had the homemade creamy chicken and rice soup from Lee’s around the corner from my studio. It truly deserves some kind of comfort food award for having so much savory, creamy, oniony, chickeny flavor. Then those croutons they put in there get all soft and chewy and it’s just too much goodness. This isn’t a cup of canned broth we’re talking about. I took my time eating it, because I had to—but also because I didn’t want it to run out. It was cold by the time I finished the last amazing bite. Dear reader, I only wish you could walk in to Lee’s tomorrow and get yourself a bowl. If you live in Laurel, consider yourself a lucky duck.

Later in the afternoon, the pounding headache that’s been radiating from my jaw wouldn’t let up. I could think of only one solution. A perfectly smooth and delightfully cold dipped vanilla cone from Dairy Queen.

And since Ben and Jim were going to the football game to see some of our kids playing under the Friday night lights, I felt more like going to mama’s to lay on her couch and let her make me a bowl of grits. Grits that tasted like love and had a generous tablespoon of salted butter. Only mama and Ben can make grits exactly the way I like them.

Have I starved you?