#1,367 Movies.

I so love movies. Don’t you? Ben and I rarely turn on our TV, save for especially good movies, Sopranos DVDs and… Duck Dynasty. Like the rest of the masses, I too find the Robertsons loveable because around here we all know someone like them. Minus the millions, of course. And I have a minor crush on Willie. Cut me some slack.

My absolute all-time favorite movie is Big Fish. I never get tired of it. The best is to watch it with someone who hasn’t seen it before because then it’s new. I can see it again through their eyes, to see how magical it is for the first time. I love this movie for a million reasons, not the least of which is that the main character, Edward Bloom, has got to be stolen from my grandfather’s real life. As an old man he looks and sounds and storytells just like James Rasberry.

To see Albert Finney in this movie grips my heart like only home videos of the actual James Rasberry can. My daddy can’t watch Big Fish. He left the room before it was finished when he tried once. 
There are lots of other movies that never get old to me. P.S. I Love YouMoulin Rouge, and Great Expectations are at the top of my list. For Ben, he could watch Hoosiers and Forrest Gump on constant rotation. In fact he did once, in high school, when he had mono and lay in bed for a few weeks with nothing to do in his misery but stare at the TV. 
So we have a hard time finding movies that meet the criteria for ‘great’ according to Erin and Ben. But today I stumbled upon a few movie trailers that give me renewed faith in the movie industry. These look fantastic to me!
Enough Said (not ready to face the fact that he’s not going to be making any more movies):

About Time:


The Monuments Men:

Large popcorn, extra butter.