#1,369 Lexus.

So a couple years ago, mama decided she wanted a new Jeep Cherokee. Because a Johnny Cash song playing over a commercial convinced her it was her duty as an American. Turns out that daddy likes that Jeep a lot too. So much in fact, today he up and sold the old Civic, his home health companion since 2002. He’s been seeing patients in it all over Mississippi for over 10 years. It’s been in 5 accidents—one of which when Ben and I drove it to the airport for our honeymoon and smashed a deer on a rural highway that dented every panel on the car. Almost. Talk about trauma. A goat once jumped on the hood and caved it in—another rural incident, this time at one of his patients’ homes. And today, the old gold Civic drove off into the sunset with a happy new owner.

And so that meant the Jeep became his.
Which meant mama went shopping. And picked me up for a test drive.

And came home with a Lexus IS250. 
I reckon that’ll do.