#1,374 Daddy is 60.

Unbeknownst to Daddy, everyone at work has been planning a surprise party to take place today during lunch. There were some hoops to jump through. He goes and sees his home health patients every day instead of taking a lunch break, at which time he usually eats a single handful of peanuts. He’s a machine. So mama had to somehow find a way to keep him from leaving today without him knowing what was up. Mama, Ben and I got to the clinic around 11:30 and they hustled us through the big therapy room into a back room where they had set up his party. Everyone made sure to be finished working with their patients by noon. Inconspicuous, right?

The moment my brother finished with his patient (he and daddy work together) he was in the party room trying to shovel hot queso and chips into his mouth before the party started.

Before long someone went to get him and they walked him into the therapy room where everyone was waiting, about 40 people, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for him. He was tickled to death. You couldn’t get the grin off his face.

Look how cute mama is there on the right waiting for him!

One little therapy patient remained back there doing this pedal thing with his arms. He added to the atmosphere.

He was even getting phone calls during lunch to tell him ‘happy day!’
He told them, “I’ll still be working here so I expect this every 60 years.” With Rasberry genes, it’s not a crazy thought.