#1,384 French Quarter Morning.

We needed to get back home for the Ole Miss game this afternoon, but we had time to do a little more eating and exploring the French Quarter again this morning.

Coffee and a shared hot cake at Mena’s Restaurant on Chartres:

We browsed the antique jewelry, book and map shops on Royal Street:

Danced a little to a ragtime band in Jackson Square:

Waited for a long time for a table at a very good lunch spot called Stanley (as in “Stellaaaaaaaa!”):

Can I just tell you how proud I am of that $5 dress? Thank you, Dirt Cheap.

We even had enough time to swing by and holler at Archie on our way out.

It’s too bad Bama beat the dress off of us tonight. It came thisclose to being the most perfect day ever.

But it is Bama, so I think we can act like it never happened and carry on feeling good about our team. Right?