#1,400 Walk Home for Dinner.

After a scramble to get the first completed and revised proof of I Live in Laurel sent to press, I felt relieved and excited and overwhelmed by the possibility of what it could mean when the book is released. I think it’s going to be special. I really do. Ben was picking up another load of pumpkins in Jackson, and I walked home just as the steeple bell was tolling 6 o’clock all over downtown Laurel.

I walked home, feeling very much in love with our town.

All the business people had gone home an hour ago and it was so quiet out. Just my footsteps and church bells, the occasional car passing by. I bumped into my mama’s cousin Mark and his family walking to the pumpkin patch. I got a text from Mallorie that said “chicken pasta for dinner. come on.”

So I did.

And it was the best comfort food supper a person can have. I tricked myself into believing it was cold outside for a minute. She made rosemary chicken breast with a garlic bacon cream sauce to go over angel hair pasta and homemade biscuits on the side.

Somehow I managed to stay under my calorie goal for the day. I mean… After I went for another walk.

Lucy is smiling and giggling now. What a girl.