#1,402 Spectacular Spectacular.

I don’t often feel so inspired to work on a new Collection design that I’m not able to fall asleep, but that’s exactly what I’m feeling tonight. A friend of mine from college suggested I come up with an Indian-inspired design because there’s a market for that and she struggled to find beautiful invitations for her own wedding. And I immediately thought of a movie in my top five of all-time favorites: Moulin Rouge.

I’ve always known I would like to make a Moulin Rouge-themed invitation, but the French glamour thing is becoming so cliche in the wedding world and I couldn’t think of something new to say with the aesthetic, or a new story to tell on that motif, and I put it on the backburner. But this is a movie more inspired by India than its own supposed setting in Paris. Of course!

Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll already be ordering the plates and going to print. I can’t believe this didn’t occur to me before now!