#1,406 Go Outside.

Alright. Fall is here for real. Y’all can take swap out your wardrobe for long sleeves, Mississippi! I’ve been checking the 10 day forecast everyday and it’s been staying in the 70s as far as the eye can see so I think we’re out of the summer woods.

Ben even tried on his new top coat for our NYC trip (tried it on—definitely not gonna be able to wear it here until January). He’s never had one of these coats you’re meant to wear over a suit and I think it’s mighty handsome in a New Yawk sorta way.

It’s all navy, but I swear the tags and stores are liars. That looks black as night to me.

Anyway, gorgeous day, top to bottom.

After church we went to Cracker Barrel for a cool weather lunch—pancakes and bacon!

With a game of checkers for an appetizer and a slightly off-her-rocker server who thought we were trying to get her fired the whole time.

So we had youth outside, because we had no choice. We HAD to. You know?

I walked around the track while the dogs played dodgeball with the kids and rolled in grass.

And when Josh and Emily came into town we decided it would be fun to roast weenies and make s’mores before we watched The Walking Dead.

God gives us a lot blessings, and I think one of the best ones is fall. Every single year, we get to have it all over again.