#1,410 The List That Never Ends.

It was one of those days. My to-do list just wouldn’t QUIT IT ALREADY. It started with 5 tasks to complete by the end of the work day… But it grew by the minute as I realized I won’t be in the shop at all tomorrow since we’re going to UABirmingham to see a doctor about my (nonexistent since June!) stomach thing. It felt like I was treading water all day with no end in sight.

I had to run one errand to Gardiner Park to see the Laurel School District superintendent’s office to work out the details of I Live in Laurel book sales to all the elementary kids in the school district. And that was really exciting. It put a little skip in my step that made me feel like I could finish out the day on a high note.

I walked outside and breathed cool air, felt better about things. I went back to work. I did all I could until it was dark outside. And then I left.

There are still 3 things left undone from my list which normally drives my type A personality insane, but I don’t mind so much tonight. It can wait. See you Monday, you hateful list.