#1,443 Mississippi Women.

I was contacted today about doing an interview for Mississippi Magazine that will also include features on other Mississippi women like Kathryn Stockett who are doing notable creative work in our state. Even though it’s a much smaller publication, I’m just as excited to be a part of this feature coming out in Mississippi Magazine as I was about the Martha Stewart commission. To be included in the same breath as Kathryn Stockett doesn’t seem possible! Our work, Lucky Luxe and The Help, are not colleagues. The Help is way out of Lucky Luxe’s league.  But I’m flattered to death that these dear, sweet, confused people feel that they are comparable by any stretch of the imagination.

I hope this will enable my dad to more easily explain to his patients “what it is I do exactly for a living.” His best response in the past has been “She has an Internet company. She makes these cards.”
Sounds legit. What magazine wouldn’t want to write about that?