#1,444 Thanksmas.

We’re at Ben’s parents’ farm in North Mississippi for Thanksgiving. This is their permanent house where they to come to get a break when they’re not in Newton, and it’s what Ben and his brothers consider home. The gang’s all here except for Sam, Lyn, Jared and Ellie, but we’re eating double for all of them. I spent almost the entire day inside, cozy and warm beside the fire in a cable knit sweater watching movies while the weather outside hung around in the low 30s. I never just sit around watching TV and it felt so good to do nothing. Thanks to HBO and RFD I managed to squeeze Cinderella Man, a Sopranos episode, The Postman, a Hee Haw episode, and When Harry Met Sally into my agenda today. When I wasn’t comatose on the couch, I was baking mama’s pecan pies:

And helping decorate for Christmas (complete with European nativity set):

Our niece, Harper, is horrified by Ben. Always and forever.

Keepin’ it old school. Happy Thanksgiving to your mama’nem!