#1,451 New Bag.

I’ve been carrying my favorite old Fossil bag for about 4 years now and it’s really starting to show its wear. It was the perfect cognac color, with the perfect number of pockets inside and out. It’s the perfect length to wear crossbody. It’s the best bag ever. But these days there are holes popping up and stitches coming loose, and dye from dark denim has permanently turned the back of my bag a bit blue, but I just love it. I love that dang bag. I mean, if a person can love a piece of animal hide sewn in a way that contains the important things like 18 kinds of lip balm and 6 kinds of eye drops.

But I’ve decided it’s time to find a new one before my old faithful just falls apart completely.

Shoot, after reading all that maybe I’ll just keep it and forget about it.

No, I have to be a grown up and use a bag that doesn’t look like it’s been run over by a hundred big trucks.

And so today after much Googling and searching every online store I could think of (Fossil, J.Crew, Anthropologie, Dillard’s, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Gap—all did nothing for me)… I found the one. On Etsy! The Leather Store based in the UK. I mean isn’t this a great looking bag?

But I looked at more pictures of it and it turns out it’s an overnight bag. But it’s handmade! And only $185! But it’s enormous. So I kept looking around her shop. And found the next best thing. The same bag, but smaller. And for $155. Which is a steal for a nice leather bag.

The inside has a pretty cotton lining:

So what I’m saying here is.

I bought a new bag.


But it won’t ever top my old Fossil.