#1,455 Cold, Lazy Sunday.

The rain just fell so hard and flat all day long, there was nothing to do about it but stay inside by the fire. I watched it storming through the kitchen windows while I made lunch after church. It gave me the ‘home in the rain’ cozy feeling I love so much and blog about every single time it happens. Thankfully, Ben didn’t mind making a grocery run for me since I had to bake cookies for the event at church tonight.

For lunch I made Tabella salad with Cracker Barrel grilled chicken tenders. I found the recipe online… And it’s exactly like them. I’ll never make another kind of grilled chicken again. If you’ve never ordered the chicken tenders at Cracker Barrel… Well, you’ve missed out on something real special. And you should either do that right away or cook some at home. I used probably double the honey the recipe called for and they were perfect.

We had lunch in the living room and turned on the TV for kicks. Shawshank Redemption was on. So we watched it. Again. And it never stops being good.

Then tonight was the youth-led Hanging of the Green service at church. This is a service for the first Sunday in Advent based on the English tradition of decorating the church and home with wreaths, garlands, a Christmas tree with Chrismon ornaments, and evergreens for Advent and Christmas. In a church setting, it readies the sanctuary (and church members) for the season.

Afterward, we leave the sanctuary and there’s a little party with food and a brass quartet playing Christmas songs. It’s another one of the reasons the first weekend in December is the best time of year to live here.
I can still hear it raining out there. That’s gonna make for some mighty fine sleep.
P.S. It’s Love Week, and today is Goulet Day!