#1,460 The 5th Book.

Every year Ben makes a book that he gives me for my most important anniversary gift. I came home tonight and found this:

He waited until tonight to give me this year’s book since it’s the anniversary of the day we first said “I love you” — because honestly, this is the day we consider our real anniversary since we decided then and there that we would get married one day. We were sure about it and we never second-guessed the decision. I started crying before I even opened it. He used a wood burning pen to carve the design he always does onto the cover. Because the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood. To make it functional, he used tiny gold grommets and hinges for the binding. I’d start crying again reading the last paragraph of each page, where the last sentence is the same for every month. One of my favorites was the end of the December page:

“December will forever be my favorite time of year. From the week we met to Christmas, we have so many important memories that have been made and that will be made in future Decembers. I wouldn’t want to make them with anyone else. I love you.”