#1,461 Wrap it Up.

After a morning rehearsal with the choir and orchestra for tomorrow’s big Christmas concert at church:

I finally went over to the shop and got busy wrapping gifts. Our tree has been sitting naked at the bottom for a couple weeks. It was looking at me and making feel guilty. The thing is, I absolutely detest gift wrapping. I’m terrible at it. I have no problem solving abilities and so I’m unable to cut off the correct amount of paper, which always results in patching up slivers of white box shining between the edges of the paper with scraps of paper, and the patterns never match up, do they? No, they do not. Also, I’m very careless about this sort of thing. I find it very difficult is what I’m saying.

But the thing is, if you sit em just right, you can’t tell from 5 feet away and everything got wrapped so whoopedy doo.

Also, we watched Love Actually with a happy, smiley Lucy girl who’s feeling like her old self again:

Uncle Big can always get a giggle out of this little cupcake. It’s crazy that almost exactly one year ago, we were doing this same thing—watching Christmas movies on that very couch, and Lucy existed, but no one knew it yet.