#1,464 Pop Shop.

Trouble has moved in downstairs below my shop.

Our friends, Hope and Grant, started their little company Sweet Daddy’s making different kinds of gourmet popcorn and kettle corn a couple years ago and were so overwhelmed by the demand that they left their very good day jobs to be full time popcorn people and are treading water to keep up with the orders coming in from all over the country. My life has been enriched by its existence and life just got a little sweeter because they’ve moved into the storefront below Lucky Luxe so they’ll have more room to keep up with the Christmas demand. Today I ate an unsafe amount of white cheddar and caramel popcorn out of a huge tin. I did not share it.

Ain’t no shame in it.

But I did buy some bags to send to Sauce and Friedrich since they don’t live in Laurel. So that’s kind of like sharing it.

Mal and Jim’s house is so gorgeous at Christmas.