#1,472 Merry Christmas.

It’s Christmas! There was so much! So many people we love, so many fun things, so much good food! From the top—we woke up because of a text from Mal that said “homemade donuts on 4th!” so we hopped to it opening gifts beside the fire:

New house shoes, like he’s been asking for for 5 Christmases.

New center caps for the 2000 Beetle. Finally!

I’ve been stealing his XXL tall robe every cold morning since his birthday, so he got me one of my own—fleece lined. With my name on it. L.L. Bean, you’re the best.

A book of short stories from Ben with a title to remind me of love week and a sweet sweet letter from him inside the front cover.

Found his favorite Adidas style since forever, found em in his favorite colors, found em in size 14, found em on sale. Bought 2 pairs. Pair? You know.

This juice glass to remind me of our favorite part from When Harry Met Sally made me guffaw.

And other little sweet gifts. Then, we went over in pajamas for donuts just like Mallorie used to make on Saturdays when we were roomies at Ole Miss:

Ben found a ham, apparently. (?)

A (brisk) quick spin with Jim and Sugar on Lucy’s new golf cart:

Then on to Collins for Christmas lunch with Ben’s family, where somebody gave Grandaddy a cat that repeats what you say in a funny voice:

Ben and his mama, his twin. You know. If he wasn’t a bearded man.

Then we ran home to walk the dogs before going to mama’s house:

And then home to mama’s and my sweet godsonephew, John Walker!

The godfather:

Gift opening part 2, where I got the big bag from The Leather Store (!!!) and An Italian Palate, the cookbook with the recipes from our favorite restaurant (Tabella!):

Then of course the awkward family portrait portion of the evening with Mammaw who’s just ready to go home and “get in her skivvies.”

And (completely over the top, as is Uncle Danny’s style) fireworks with Elvis out on the pier over mama and daddy’s Lake O.B.Joyful:


Merry merry Christmas, friends.

Daddy is killin me behind Mammaw.