#1,473 Napier Christmas.

I was all gloomy about December 26th just a few days ago, but as it turns out, Christmas is still happening for us since we drove north to Ben’s parents for the next couple days. There was a lot of good music in those 4 hours: Eric Clapton, Arcade Fire, Steely Dan, Otis Redding, Dave Matthews. That makes a trip fly.

Sam, Lyn, Jared and Ellie were following us in the black Suburban, so we were twinsies caravaning home. We got there and found that Ben’s sweet mama made us all new stockings this year in our family tartan. Scottish stuff is so dang cool, y’all. The girl stockings are white linen with a gold bow and Napier plaid cuffs, the guys have all plaid. She did such a great job.

There was some coloring. Some talk about cows and big trucks, 2 year old Harper’s favorite things.

And then, the big gift opening.

And Ellie loved her bunny sleeping bag, so I feel like I’m not a total dunce when it comes to children.

Catch you in 2014, Christmas. It’s been real fun.