#1,480 Back to the Grind.

It felt so good to get back to regular stuff today. For breakfast I sliced and toasted a piece of cornbread, then buttered it and ate it with a little maple syrup. I’ve told you about this before. Have you tried it yet??

Then the morning run with Chevy and Baker made me feel like life is back to normal:

And on to work where I got busy promoting our new custom personal stationery collection. It’s all flatprint, so not too pricey. I hope people will like it!

And finally—the biggest job of the day was taking down all the Christmas. It’s a back breaker, isn’t it? But once it’s done, it feels like you’ve got a whole new house to live in. It feels like the twilight zone the first few days without the twinkling lights and shortbread cookies, but that’s what makes Christmas feel so special anyway. It’s always for a limited time only.