#1,481 Haircut + Big Help.

Got a cut and color today. What a relief! My hair was hitting that point where no amount of product could keep it from looking like Carol Brady and Lord Farquaad had a daughter. Thank goodness for Nikki who saved the day and my self confidence.

And I’m so thankful for Ben stepping up and helping me so so so much at work today. I was feeling swamped and he took up all the slack by answering some inquiry emails, putting together client samples, mailing them out, making an office supply run to Walmart and edge painting a rush order to Australia. I totally get what preachers mean when they talk about spouses being ‘helpmates.’

All I did was make the coffee for him this morning, so I was a slacker in that department. Until tonight when I made some carb-free “bread” (I use that word loosely) for him that tasted exactly like egg whites and cream cheese and salt. Because it was.

When I asked what he thought about it, he smiled and said, “it’s better than not having it.” So there’s that.