#1,487 Miracle Man.

For a couple days now I’ve been having this really painful achey feeling in my back, shoulder, and right arm—just sort of generalized, not any kind of localized pain you can make worse with a touch, and my pinky was feeling sort of numb, and my hand felt weak. My elbow hurt too. It was a really bizarre feeling, hard to describe since there was no real sharp pain, just sort of like the way you feel a few hours after getting a rocephin shot. You know what I’m talking about? I decided it was worth calling daddy about in case my arm is about to fall off or has a blood clot. I always think the worst, and he always knows how to make it better. He told me to come see him tonight, so I did.

He checked my pulse in each arm. The bad arm was harder to detect. He checked my blood pressure in a certain position on each arm. The bad arm was lower than the other. He reemed me out about my bad posture while I’m at my desk. I cried cause I’m a baby like that. Then he hugged me, turned on his sweet dad voice, did “mobilization” on my neck and made me sit a certain way for 30 minutes. He said, “You’ve got thoracic outlet syndrome from bad posture. You’ll have to try to focus on doing better with that or you’ll have to have surgery one day. Your ____?_____ nerve is running across your top rib causing pain all the way to your fingers. It’s going to hurt worst of all while you sit like this for the first few minutes. Then it’ll go away and you’ll feel much better.”

I sat like that. It hurt worse than ever for 20 minutes. I squirmed and didn’t trust him. But really, I guess I did.

Then… It stopped. Just like he promised it would. The man is a genius. I googled this syndrome. I found:

He ain’t on the state board of physical therapy for nothing. He knows everything.