#1,494 No Bees, No Honey.

… No hustle, no money.  I think there’s a rap song that goes like that?


I worked so hard today. So hard. Doing the Gatsby invitation over and over and over is wearing on me and it’s time to do some new work. People are usually freaked out by the idea of ‘custom‘ and the price tag that accompanies it so I rarely get to do a brand new from-scratch design for my clients. I’m hoping this will take away the sticker shock:

I wrote that word ‘custom’ in the image and had some fun doing lettering and photographing all these invitations the same way I did yesterday—one at a time, then merging them all together in Photoshop. It’s not perfect, but I won’t tell you where the mess-up is!

And you know what else I did? Started a Lucky Luxe Pinterest.

And an instagram!

If you know any engaged folks, you’re welcome to share this information with them. I’d love to work with any friend of a reader on this blog!

To reward myself for working as hard as I could… Tabella.