#1,501 Valleys and Peaks.

January has been one of those weird months of valleys and peaks. I’ve been neglecting the blog just in an effort to really throw myself into work in a way I haven’t been in the last couple months. It’s like a rose bush that has to be watered and pruned to make the prettiest roses, and I’ve spent all month tending my roses. A few days ago I told you about the little miracles from God and today there were more of those, tinged with the tiniest disappointment, and all day today I felt His love all over me. I woke up feeling tired and little anxious. I came in to work, and found a little card from Ben. Just letting me know, he’s with me. And no matter how hard work gets, he’s going to be beside me, taking one step at a time together. I love him. I mean really. I love him.

I got busy plugging away at sending orders to press and soon found an email in my inbox. One of our weddings is going to be featured on a really important wedding blog. Great news!

I kept working.

A few hours later, another email. This time, from Brides Magazine, wanting to feature our Austen invitation in an upcoming issue.

That’s even better news!

And not long after that, another email. From Martha Stewart Weddings, to tell me that the feature I’ve been so excited about since October that I’ve been anticipating on newstands in March, is now going to be in the fall issue coming out on Labor Day. It’s a bigger issue, dedicated to style, the newest fashion in weddings, the highest circulated of their issues each year. And so… I sank a little bit letting 3 months of anticipation slip away, knowing there won’t be a boom in March, but I’m happy still that it was moved to the better issue… Even if it is 9 months from now. Patience is a virtue, right? Unfortunately, I’m genetically predisposed to struggle with patience. It’s definitely not my spiritual gift. There are bad things, and this is not one of them. This is a great big blessing—I just need to wait for it.

Today I just felt like telling you all. I’m feeling tired these days. And like this month, my work has been sort of like eating sunflower seeds, a lot of work for just a little something good.

And that’s okay. I’m not afraid of hard work.