#1,510 Springy, Funny Saturday.

After a really lovely baby shower for our friend Jane at Annalee’s house:

Ben and I hit Philip’s Drive In to pick up a burger for a springy lunch on the front porch. It was so balmy and beautiful outside today. Another of those Mississippi false springs.

Afterward we took a long, wandering walk with the dogs and wound up at Jim and Mal’s.

Where we made a plan to drive to Newton for dinner at Zack Garvin’s—an apparently regionally famous steakhouse known for their strawberry butter served tableside with a fresh baked loaf of bread. Josh came along to dinner since Emily is still out of town for work and he’s just an ole bachelor milling around their house for a few more nights. This restaurant was everything they said it would be. If it’s within driving distance of wherever you’re reading these words—you should really go. We were there just a little before closing time and got world class service. They didn’t make us feel rushed or like we were an inconvenience. The owner came out and talked to us for a little while—a former parishioner of Ben’s daddy.

On the drive home, Ben, Mallorie and I watched this video and laughed until we absolutely could not breathe. My throat is sore from the scream laughing we did. I saw this a couple years ago and tonight the re-watch was even better.

Which led to watching this video of fainting goats, which resulted in more side splitting: