#1,516 Fairy Godmother.

Well, I wouldn’t say that exactly. In fact, I’ve never kept a baby in my life before, but now that I’m a godmother and aunt, today I got to keep sweet baby Walker for about 45 minutes while Clark went to see a patient. We did really good at first, snuggling while I worked:

Look at that darling boy!

And a few minutes later he started whimpering and I didn’t know why really. Clark assured me he had a fresh diaper and wasn’t going to need a bottle before he would be back. So I gave him his pacifier, and he didn’t want that. And then he got really ramped up crying. And after some trial and error, I found that he just wanted to sit in his carseat quietly and take a little snooze.

Whew! It was touch and go there for about 5 minutes. But gosh, what a cutie when he’s happy.

I can’t believe my brother has a son. He is someone’s daddy. Woah.