#1,521 They Found It!

Great news–they found what’s been making me so sick all these years. I have scar tissue attached to my intestinal and abdominal walls and just about everything possible. Including my ovaries. It could be from endometriosis (which I’ve never had symptoms of), but it could be from something else. Because there was so much, they only looked around today with laparoscopy and weren’t prepared to remove anything, and they saw no signs of cancer. Wahooooooo!!!!

I truly felt your prayers through the night and today. I did a little crying but I never could have been this calm of my own accord without your prayers. I’m 100% certain.
I’m going to have to schedule another surgery to have all of that removed in the next week or so up at the hospital in Jackson, but that’s okay. I’m going to finally feel better. Anyway, I love each one of you who prayed. I felt them all.
If any of you have had endometrial surgery I could really use some encouraging stories right about now.
Encouraging ones!