#1,523 Valentine’s Day.

Today was Valentine’s Day, but it didn’t feel like it so much at first. I woke up hurting pretty badly until I took my medicine and a hot shower. Then Ben surprised me with antique canvas deck chairs for pretty days to come on the front porch when this is all behind us.

And besides that, he took care of me every (slow, careful, steady) step of my way today. He tied my shoes, gave me medicine, turned the heat up, turned the heat down, stacked pillows so I could sit the most comfortable way possible, talked to my doctor to find out about the appointment in Jackson, gave me a million pep talks when I would let it slip how afraid I am of the upcoming surgery, held my hand while I walked in circles through the house, and absolutely everything else I did today. I’m overwhelmed by my love for him because of the way he loves when I’m at my worst. Without makeup, wearing his old t-shirt, with permanent bed head, he treated me like I was more special to him than I’d ever been.

And against the odds, that’s how this became the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever.