#1,528 Pedestrians.

We woke up to one more beautiful, super springy day before a huge storm system blows in tomorrow so we had to make the most of it. Right out of bed, we leashed up Chevy and Baker and took our morning walk. It felt so good to be back in my routine with the pups, but with stitches in my belly button I’m still not too sure about letting 230 lbs. of dog drag me by the leash so Ben came along for the muscle.

And when I finished work, we still had 45 minutes until church started. So we just went walking and talking. And wasting a little time on a park bench downtown.

Ray, our bank president, was walking to his car after work and asked if we’d be at the chili cookoff this weekend. We said we’d see him there. Mrs. Terri, who works at city hall, stopped to ask how I’ve been feeling on her way home, too. I told her I was feeling so much better. She said she’s praying for a full recovery, and I believe her. We watched the sun go down.

And I thought of how I do love living in a little town in Mississippi.