#1,529 Life Gives You Lemons.

I’m going through a major lemon thing lately. I think I’ve romanticized this particular fruit because of pictures I’ve seen of Sicily and Williams Sonoma’s gourmet lemony stuff in their catalogs.

I want to get this wreath for our kitchen SO badly:

Or maybe this one?!

I’ve had this obsession for a long time, but I think it’s just started manifesting itself in real life. I can’t get enough of lemon scented stuff. Today, I let it rip with new meyer lemon hand soap:

And this fantastic Mississippi-made lemon mint candle Ben gave me for Christmas:

The best candle Bath & Body Works has ever made:

And in case that wasn’t enough, a lemonberry slush from Sonic did the trick.

This could also all be a direct result of the time I fell in love with the packaging and the scents by Le Couvent Des Minimes when I worked at B&BW in college.

Anyway. These citrusy things made my breezy, sunshiney afternoon even better. Currently, tornadoes are swirling all around Laurel and I hope when you’re reading this we’re on the safe side of it all. It’s growing pains for spring, right?