#1,530 P.D.I.

Our favorite burger place in the world happens to be right here in Laurel, and it’s been open since 1948. Which makes it the oldest restaurant in town, and arguably—the most beloved. Our friend Amy and her husband own Phillips Drive-In, and I was tickled when she asked me to come up with a new design for their t-shirts a few weeks ago. I had a little time to work on it this afternoon and got carried away based on some history she gave me, which made my mouth water. Doesn’t this make you want to visit me and go get a burger?

“We take pride in the fact that our menu and quality has stayed the same for 65 years. Down to the burgers’ numbers which have been the same since the early 60’s. All of our regulars know what number they want, and order it that way (“gimme a #3 and add mustard” or “a jumbo #1 hold the onions”). We make our food to order and just the way the customer likes it. Our meat is ground fresh and hand pressed every morning. Our chili, which is also a favorite, is a secret recipe that was created by Barry’s dad many, many years ago. It’s made fresh every morning with the same fresh ground beef we make our burgers with. We’re famous for our cherry and vanilla Sprites and Cokes with real cherries and strawberries. We don’t skimp on our syrups and toppings. We buy J. Hungerford Smith, and have for many years.”

And this is what felt right to me:

I’m pumped that they’re paying me in gift cards.
Cute overload:

I mean… Have you ever seen a prettier baby?! Lucy’s got it on lock down.