#1,536 Kindness.

Since the hospital stay, I’ve been astounded by the kindness friends have shown us. I’ve gotten countless emails, cards and letters from you sweet readers, friends near and far whom I’ve never gotten to meet. Lisa has become my confidante and biggest cheerleader in the ordeal, and our texts and phone calls have brought so much sunshine to scary days and nights. She sends me letters, some short, some longer, encouraging me, praying for me, and making me feel like anything is possible. And it really is.

The weekend after my surgery, Dawn brought us lasagna, her incredible foccacia bread, and an uniced funfetti cake. Because she remembered me mentioning once that I’ve never loved icing—I wish you could just have the cake sometimes. Lasagna is my favorite food on earth, and her thoughtfulness was so comforting to me. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together, but our friendship really is special. She hugged me tight and prayed for me before she left. We found Anne in the back yard, rolling in the grass with Chevy and Baker.

Sarah, my beautiful Sopranos-loving friend in Cincinnati, sent me a homemade Tony Soprano get well card that made me laugh out loud. It’s so good to have a fangirl friend out there in the world.

A few days ago, one of my darling Lucky Luxe couples from London, Piril and Igno, sent a bouquet of fresh flowers in shades of pink. My heart felt like it would burst. I can’t believe someone so far away, whom I’ve never gotten to meet in person, would care that much. It makes the world seem so small. And so, so lovely.

Then today, out of the blue—just when I’m feeling more like myself again, a huge box stamped with that delicious word—’Sarabeth’s’, arrived via UPS. I couldn’t imagine who would’ve sent it. But inside there was a sweet note from Jess and Shawn, former clients and friends we shared an awesome dinner with in Charleston a couple years ago, wishing me well. They moved to NYC and she remembered my instagram posts about how we love breakfast at Sarabeth’s when we’re in the city. And she sent me a big huge box full of deliciousness. 3 loaves of breakfast breads, 3 jars of the famous preserves, granola cereal, breakfast tea and ground coffee.

My heart is so full lately, even though my mind tries to worry about what will happen after this next surgery. The love is constantly winning over the worry. There is so much kindness in the world. More than we realize.