#1,535 Choir + Couch.

All day I looked forward to church tonight because we got to hear the best high school choir in all the land. The Laurel High School select choir is going to perform at Carnegie Hall in April, and we got a little preview. I was in choir all the way through high school and 2 years of college, so I really geek out over choir music. I mean, obviously.

I hate to eat crow pie, but mama told me I didn’t need to work in the yard on Monday. I was all cavalier like, “Naw girl, I’m feeling good. I want to get outside and move around! I’m tough,” etc. etc.

Today I was feeling it. Sore in places I didn’t expect to be sore, and sort of lazy in general. So after the choir performance, I was dying to go home, light the fire, put on one of Ben’s huge t-shirts, and be lazy on the couch. Jim, Mal and Lucy came over and partook.

At which point I took this hysterical photo of what appears to be a very modern progressive type family situation.

Photo via @malraz’s instagram

After Jimmy Fallon, they went on home and Ben helped remove me from the living room and motivated me to shuffle to the kitchen for Life cereal.

Dang good day, considering.