#1,539 Good Speech.

I used to really not like Matthew McConaughey. His dirty man slacker characters weren’t interesting to me, and so many of his movies made my skin crawl (How to Lose A Guy… Sorry, y’all). I’ve still never seen A Time to Kill, so I guess that’s why I never saw him for his talent. But lately, we’ve been watching True Detective. And a few months ago we saw Mud. And a couple weeks ago we saw Dallas Buyers Club. And it turns out… I really do like him. You forget that he’s an actor when you see him in these roles—he just becomes the character so convincingly. I didn’t watch the Oscars tonight, but I saw this on YouTube and thought: “heck of a speech, there.”

Apparently he was raised Methodist. Ben’s opinion of Matty Mac is on the upswing, too.