#1,566 Just Perfect Saturday.

I slept really late. Really really really late. In fact, the first meal I had today was a (late) lunch. I’d feel bad about it, except… Lortab.

And it was such a gorgeous day out there! After a shower and a good lunch from PDI, I just felt like sitting in the sunshine. Ben and Jim worked on installing a tough new brush guard on Ben’s truck, and I assisted by sitting nearby in a canvas deck chair and finishing my book, That Part Was True.

Something about the combination of this pain medicine and pseudophedrine to combat this little sinus infection I’ve got going on made me feel so weak and relaxed all over (in a good way), that plus 70 degree sunshine reminded me of how it feels right when you step out of a hot tub. Warm and fuzzy all over. I so needed a good restful day.

And I’m crushing on Ben’s truck even more. Doesn’t it look cool?

Only thing that could make this day even better?