#1,569 Up On the Rooftop.

When we bought our house, the home inspector told us, “There’s this one rotten board facing the backyard—on the roofline. Needs to be replaced, but it’s nothing structural.”

We put it on the BIG to-do list on our fridge (which includes other hits like ‘build garage, fix up patio,’ etc.), and it’s been there ever since. A few nights ago a big storm blew through town and finally ripped off that rotten piece of trim and so today and yesterday Ben set to work fixing it. The thing is, the trim was cut in 1925 and they don’t really carry that anymore at Lowe’s. So it all had to come down on the backside of the house, so Ben could replace it all at once. It’s been a heck of a job. I was so proud of he and Jesse up there in the blazing sun when they had a couple free hours!

Baker and I supervised from the ground level.

It’s not quite finished, but a couple more days of hammering, caulking and touch-up painting should do it. I’ve got a tired, sunburned man on my hands tonight.