#1,575 Working from Home.

I finished my design work around 5, but there was still more work I wanted to do on the Lucky Luxe pinterest page. Mama was keeping Walker today and when we had our daily phone call, I could hear baby boy babbling quietly near the phone. I couldn’t stand not to see him, so I left the shop and went over. He’s adorable.

When I got home a little bit later, the porch looked so good, so comfortable and lovely, I couldn’t go inside and work. I brought Ben’s computer out and turned on the Louis Armstrong Pandora channel. I worked steadily on making inspiration boards for weddings in Paris and Italy, weddings inspired by Alphonse Mucha, weddings inspired by Jane Austen. Ben came home shortly from his daily walk with Mr. Roberts from church. He brought some salsa and tortilla chips out to the dinner table and sat with me while I worked and we listened to the music and talked about our day. Before long Jim and Mallorie and Lucy showed up and we went inside and had jambalaya for dinner. Lucy’s bedtime came before it got too late, and we found ourselves back on the porch with Chevy and Baker. It’s a big part of the reason we bought this house. I feel so at home when I’m here. And now I’m blogging while we listen to Louis with a 140 lb. dog at my feet and Ben reads. I can smell the sweet olive that we planted 2 summers ago blooming. I wave and yell to our teenage neighbor taking a walk with the pretty girl he’s dating. Ben and I talk about how we’d like to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in September. We talk about how excited we are that the court hearing for Walker’s adoption finalization is later this week. And I’m profoundly thankful that this is what working late looks like for me. That this is not an unusual scenario, this is like most nights I spend at home. I hope you take time to sit on the porch and talk to the people you love. There’s nothing like it.

Went to the nursery and picked up a Chinese snowball. I’ve wanted one for years and we’re finally planting one in the backyard so I can stop stealing fresh cuts from the neighbors.