#1,574 Lazy Rainy Sunday.

I know y’all get tired of my repeats, but that’s the nature of my life—a lot of sweet repeats. Today it was so dreary and suddenly cool out, we decided to come home after church and cook a simple lunch. Skillet grilled chicken in the Cracker Barrel recipe glaze, fried squash medallions, salad and toast. I can’t get over how easy and awesome this chicken is. Let your chicken marinate for a couple hours in the fridge in any ole cheap Italian salad dressing + generous amounts of honey and lime juice. Throw a little salt over the chicken tenderloins while they cook in a skillet on medium high heat, drizzle more of the marinade over each side while they cook = BEST EVER. The marinade caramelizes in the skillet and makes a delicious slightly gooey, sweet black glaze. It’s definitely not burned—that’s the good stuff.

I made a ton of them so we’ll have them for lunch tomorrow too.

And then it was lazy time. I slept/watched Dead Poets Society and then Something’s Gotta Give while Ben worked on writing the study he’s been doing with the youth group through Lent.

Now there’s some really scary weather on the way that’s brought creepy warm winds all of a sudden. I’m excited to turn the air down and sleep through the thunder. My favorite.