#1,573 The Outdoor Indoor.

My daddy spent all day making a permanent sofa built-in on their deck and we went over to grill out for dinner tonight. I’m so impressed I can’t even explain. Jim is out of town on his annual guy’s trip with his best friends from high school, so Mallorie came with us and I swear we had the most fun we’ve ever had over there. Something about the full on arrival of spring and the giddy gorgeous day made us all laugh longer and tell more stories I guess. By the end of the night, with the glowy twinkly party lights, the warmth of the outdoor heater, and cozy sofa and blankets, I totally forgot we were even outside. It felt so inside!

I can’t neglect to mention the loooooong gorgeous walk with Chevy and Baker this morning after brunch at a new restaurant in town. What a day!