#1,579 Worry Free Regular Life.

Alternatively titled: worrying about regular things, which is my favorite way to worry about things.

Things like, do y’all have any Rolaids before we do this?

Or do I have to share this flatbread pizza with supper club?

Or what if we don’t have any quarters to play Eric Clapton or Journey on the jukebox?
It’s worrisome having so little to be worried over.
Wait, my bad.
It’s awesome.
Wait! There is one thing! I really need your help. Only you can help me. My instagram photo of our dining room (prominently displaying my crazy lemon phase) is in the top 3 for Southern Living’s ‘Share Your South’ photo contest.
And according to Blogspot 1,001 of you read about baby Walker today. If each one of you who reads this sentence just clicks this link and hits that little ‘vote’ button (seriously that’s all you have to do to vote), we could win a 2 night trip to any Southern Living hotel in the south. You can even do it once an hour, the rules say. And hot DOG it would be nice to take a quick trip after the last 3 months we’ve had. I thank y’all in advance if you feel like doing that. Nancy already did! We love you, Nancy!